Wednesday 21 May 2014

Ken Ham develops A Massive Problem

The Young Earth Creationists cannot be very happy with science this week. After all of their faulty calculations and the fact that they believe that dinosaurs also went in the ark with Noah. The discovery of this new giganitc dinosaur cannot be fitting in well with their stories. Seriously, look at the size of this thigh bone.

The scientists estimate the mass of this dinosaur to be 77 tons, and so at a bare minimum the ark was carrying 154 tons, and thats just two dinosaurs who surely needed some food. Just imagine when it wanted to go to the toilet, Noah must have had a field day shoveling all that poop. After all, I am pretty sure there was no plastic bag to pick it up with.

This is why I love creationists because they are not true to their name. They will never come up with a creative idea of how this dinosaur got onto the ark. All they will probably do is spin the old tale of we only took two eggs and then my wife hatched them. Or Noah only took babies on board, so the average size of this dinosaurs baby was the size of a chicken and it fits easily.

Darn you have to be dumb to believe this creationist tripe. Actually, I would not even classify this as pseudo science as it is not even remotely plausible to someone with absolutely no scientific knowledge.