Friday, 2 May 2014

Idiots of the week - South Korean Christians

This post has been waiting a very long time, basically because I don't want my Internet access revoked for criticizing the South Korean government. However, I think it is something that needs to be said so here goes.

Many times in Korea if you try access certain websites such as communism, porn, government critical websites etc. You will run into the following warning label. Basically translated to "we the government has determined that this is not good for your morality".

So what does this have to do with dumb Christians? Well unfortunately Christians are becoming a dominant force in Korea and as such they get to decide what is good for your morality. So what you get is a bunch of devoted Christians working for the net cops who go around and block every porn site they can so that you cannot see the opposite or same sex naked.

Firstly, I have nothing wrong with pornography at all. But there is an even bigger reason why this irks me. Here it is, I can go down town right at this moment and walk into a red light district (which ironically is situated next to a police station) and buy sex. Or I could go to one of the multiple motesl and hire a prostitute to come to my room. Or I could go to one of the many clubs that married and umarried people frequent to get sex. May I also add here I have no problems with per-marital sex or prostitution.

When the above is going on and you are worrying about porn on the internet, you are not acting rationally. In fact you are an idiot. It means you are just trying your best to be oppressive in a society that does not want it. You are enforcing your beliefs on people. Your are a tyrant, you are an idiot.

Oh and you may be interested to know about the adultery laws in Korea. If someone has sex with a married person and their spouse finds out, they are either a) able to sue you or b) send you to jail. But let the church keep worrying about their porn and not the freedoms of people. Oh hang on......... thats right they want to stone you to death for this. Idiots.