Friday, 30 May 2014

Idiots of the week - Iranian Islamic Hardliners

This weeks idiots are the Islamic hardliners from Iran. Although I am not sure why I have to use the term hardliner as pretty much anyone that believes the Koran is a just document is a hardliner. So this post is dedicated too the Iranian Islamists. Note for some irrational readers who like stereotypes: don't think all Iranians are Muslims this is so far from the truth. In fact, it can be said the only way the government stays in power is due to the head honcho Ali Khamenei and the repressive theocracy he has instilled in the nation.


These idiots want actress Leila Hatami to be lashed for getting kissed on the cheek by the Cannes festival president. Yes, you read that right she did not kiss him, he kissed her cheek as they do in France. Apparently, these idiots think she should have ducked away from what is clearly a violation of Islamic law. Although I have to admit, I do not find anything of this sort in the Koran. It probably has more to do with the fact that these retards believe oppression of women is a good thing.

I suppose she should have also been wearing a burqa, even though she was wearing a head scarf which is completely acceptable Islamic women head covering in Iran. Which brings us to the next dumb thing Islamic hardliners did this last week. It was to imprison and then thankfully release the dancers who made a tribute to Pharells Happy song. So why were the imprisoned, well apparently they hurt the public chastity. What does that even mean? Seriously, I wish they had translations to normal persons speak when they come out with these idiotic phrases.I can only gather that public chastity means not wearing a head scarf and dancing. Heaven (or the Islamic equivalent) forbid that anyone anywhere ever has fun.

This is what religion is doing in Iran. This is why these Islamic retards are the idiots of the week.