Sunday 25 May 2014

God loves Uganda - A review

This last week I had the privilege to watch the documentary God loves Uganda. So I thought I would give my take on why this is a must see movie. When I say a must see movie it is really aimed at Christians that I say this, as most atheists know religion is not healthy.

The movie in a nutshell details the rise of evangelical Christianity in Uganda by American Evangelicals and the formation of the anti-homosexuality bill. These two march along at the same pace and there is no doubt why the bill is passed with the church numbers increasing. What is terrifying is to see first hand how much influence Christianity has in some African nations. In Uganda, they even had Scott Liveley address Parliament and explain his views on homosexuality. To give you an idea of his views, he believes that  homosexuality was behind the Nazis etc. I am not making this up! This guy is a lunatic, or at least a little more than most anti-gay preachers.

The problem is, and this is pointed out in the movie, that this is Africa. The education level is not high and so people buy what these evangelicals are selling and take the law into their own hands. This means deaths of homosexuals by mobs of homophobes. And the root of all this violence is Christianity.

Once you have watched this film, and you still say Christianity is the religion of love. Then I say you are brain dead.

Once you have watched this film, you can truly say Christianity breeds violence.