Wednesday, 7 May 2014

European Anti Stem Cell Research Theists

The recent editorial in Nature documenting the movement against stem cell research in Europe got me in a bit of a rage. So I decided to give my thoughts on this. Firstly the question is who is behind behind this push would you think?

If you guessed theists, you would get full marks as it usually is stone age thinkers that don't want to think in the silicon age. The One Of Us project who opposes stem cell research is run by theists/churches/politicians and other idiots that think the following types of treatments are not worth researching.
Identical organs grown for transplants.
Alzheimer's treatments.
Spinal Cord injury repair.
Heart Disease.
Rheumatoid arthritis.
etc etc etc.
And of course safer drug testing on real human cells, thereby having less risk of major side effects in human trials. So basically all very humane and caring things.

Which is interesting, as these are the same people that stand in pulpits or on soap boxes and scream about love for mankind. Yet they are too dumb to realize that by denying this research they are effectively killing millions of people. I think they don't understand the concept of love. Then again I don't think they understand much due to the disconnect in their brains.

So I have a counter idea for all those people that oppose stem cell research.

How about this, let us "evil" people do this research and you just never accept the treatment. In this way, you are absolving yourself from the sin of stem cell research. Not that your primitive mind was doing this research in the first place.  As a result, we can watch you die when you get a preventable disease, as that is what you want right?

This is the same argument I use with anti animal drug testing people. Don't take the medicine its that simple. Stand by what you believe in and stop being a hypocrite.