Monday, 19 May 2014

Dont debate creationism, wont debate thesim.

I am not sure why some atheistic scientists wont debate creationists. I have heard the common reason, which was repeated a lot before the Ham and Nye debate, is that creationists should not be given any credibility. My view is the polar opposite, as I have said before I do not think debating creationists is a bad thing.

Another common reason that scientists or some people dont want to debate creationists is that they believe the case for evolution is settled. The view they hold is that the jury is in and evolution is true. With this statement I agree completely. But now with this in mind, lets extend this argument.

If you are not prepared to debate creationists, then why the hell are you debating theists? Seriously, the non existence of a god is as settled as the evolution case.There is no proof for god, just as their is no proof for creationism. However, we are prepared to debate theists for multiple reasons. One of these reasons is that maybe there is a god. But using this rational, creationism may be correct as well.

In closing, never be scared to debate stupidity. After all, its the only way to expose more people to the lies.