Sunday, 18 May 2014

Deists and irrational atheists piss me off

I have come to the startling conclusion that if I ever had to stop blogging about atheism it would not be because of theists.

It would be because or irrational atheists and deists.

Deists are the bane of my life. They think god exists but does not care. So they have even more faith than theists and are even more illogical than theists. Deists are to me the ultimate form of theism and self denial of what the evidence is showing you. They are the people that are too irrational to come to any rational conclusion. They are people who believe 1 = 0.9999999999....(recurring).

The other group that irritates me are irrational atheists. These are those atheists that are only rational about the god question yet still believe in stupid things like vaccines cause autism.  This group makes me double face palm, as clearly they have some type of rationality but it does not extend past one question.

Seriously both of these group piss me off a hell of a lot more than theists. 

That's my rant for the week.

Hope you are having a good weekend, week or day.