Monday, 5 May 2014

An atheist debates an atheist over invisible pink unicorns.


Recently I was involved in a debate with a fellow atheist in which we debated the existence of Unicorns. In this debate I took the Con side, and my opponent took the Pro side. We both took the debate seriously, but to be fair I do not believe my opponent believes Unicorns exist. The debate was more an exercise in apologetics techniques.

I was reminded again in this debate what a common apologetics trick is. That is, throw as much information/assertions/baseless claims/etc as possible into the argument. Its effective, as you know that your opponent does not have enough time or enough words to respond successfully to all your arguments.

My opponent even noted in the comments section "I realized it's infinitely easier to use these sorts of arguments and this style of argumentation than it is to defend against them. So, so easy to make assertions after assertions.... Now I know how Kent Hovind feels." Its a perfect response from someone who is honest showing that they do not believe the arguments necessarily, but just make assertion after assertion. My opponent realised the debate cannot be won on logic, so he makes it impossible for me to respond to all arguments and dismisses all my arguments using faulty logic.

If you can I would recommend you read this debate as its really a great example of the kind of arguments you encounter with theists. Also, its a debate I thoroughly enjoyed as I knew what I was up against from the beginning and I was not deceived into taking a debate where my opponent was trying to fool/deceive me.