Monday, 28 April 2014

The ultimate cancer pseudo-cure

There is something that really irks me about pseudo scientists, but I have a really special hate saved up for people that promote miracle remedies and other medical tripe. These people are the dregs of society as they are making money by basically allowing people to die, when these people could be getting the correct treatment.

An example of pseudo science killing someone is the case of Steve Jobs, who believed in pseudo science and thereby avoided months of potential life saving treatment. Steve Jobs died due to ignorance or by been misled, either way its not good.

For this reason when I saw this link to a the ultimate cancer cure I was skeptical. The article relates the work on the dichloroacetate molecule by researchers at the University of Alberta’s faculty of medicine, which is very interesting and holds promise. However, it is not a miracle cancer cure as is claimed by the people at collective-evolution. It is a drug that may help against some types of cancers, however it is not a magic bullet. In fact the American Cancer Society says "dichloroacetate is known to cause nerve and liver damage, as well as some other side effects. It may also be able to cause cancer in humans, but that has not been proven. "


Collective-evolution is a conspiracy website that believes big pharma is trying to destroy us as they cannot make money of a substance they cannot get a patent on. However, they refute themselves by showing that clinical trials are happening at present and the results will be available next year, so I am not sure what their issue is. Even if big pharma is not paying for this, it shows that it is getting done.

What I do know is  that websites like this are out there making money of off desperate people, as can be seen in all the links to other pseudo science pay websites they link too.

Oh yeah and of course the believe that cars can run on water.