Sunday, 27 April 2014

Selling false hope

I am sick and tired of religious ass hats cashing in on peoples pain. I am sick and tired of religious idiots offering hope when what they should be doing is trying to help people during the grieving process. As some of my readers may know I live in Korea (South not North) and the religious nuts have been cashing on the recent Sewol Ferry tragedy. After all, is it not the best time to coerce someone to religion when they are beaten down and need support.

Today, while walking on campus I saw a promotion for praying for the Sewol victims for a miracle. In fact, its not difficult to go on-line and find sites where you can get an emblem for your Twitter or Facebook profile picture that says "I believe in miracles" or others. This really pisses me off, and its not because I am a cold heartless ass hat.

In fact, I wish dearly that they do find some people that are alive, however, I do not believe in miracles. I believe in the hard working men and women who are out at the wreck site working so hard to get answers. If you are going to pray, here is my advice for you. Don't, take that time and do something constructive like send a bank transfer to the victims families fund. Organize a petition to put more harsh penalties in place that will make tragedies like this not occur again. Do something real, not imaginary!

Do something! Don't blow smoke into the sky, its an insult to the dead.