Wednesday 9 April 2014

Miss L talks to God - True story


Reading the Horror Show Sunday the other day I got to thinking about people that claim that they speak to or hear a god. In the comments I mentioned that I knew a girl that spoke to god, as such I thought I would share the story.

This young lady lets call her L, was a wonderful person, kind and extremely friendly. I had met her through other friends and never understood why they all called her crazy L. Or should I say I never understood until I had a first hand experience with the crazy. Leaving the apartment one day, I encountered L going home (we lived in the same apartment building) and I asked her how she was. She responded that she was doing well, and as I had not seen here in a while I struck up a conversation.

It was during this conversation when it went all strange, I asked her a question and she then responded in a way that was non contextual.
As I thought she misinterpreted my question I did the normal, "Oh, I meant .....".
To which she responded "Oh, sorry I was just speaking to my Father" so I didn't hear properly.
My response was "Your Father?"
She replied "Yes, you know God"
I hurriedly made my exit after that, as I needed time to process what had just happened.

Turned out from speaking to my friends later, that what happened was a regular occurrence and people had been trying to get her help. The problem was her Father (not the god one) and Mother, who  were radical Christians. They believed she had a gift and God was speaking through her. The sad part is that she was clearly delusional and needed serious help. But how do you help someone in a society where everyone (or most) people believe talking (praying) to God is normal.

I have a lot of sympathy for this lady, as she is stuck in a situation which is very cult like. She will never experience a normal life until she is able to break away from the bonds of her parent, never mind the psychological damage the church has done. She is a victim of religion, and there is no excuse that can be levied by others that this church is an outlier of the Christian faith. The the only difference between Miss L and other Christians is that she speaks aloud to God while most do it quietly at home.