Friday, 25 April 2014

Idiots of the week - Sri Lankan Buddhists

This week its not one idiot, but rather a very large group. Actually, this is usually the case as most idiots follow other idiots. In fact I may just have to start calling it idiots of the week all the time, as surely some fool will do whatever they get told by these weekly nominees.

Turn out that this week Sri Lankan Buddhists have gone and deported a British tourist for a vile crime against their local beliefs. So, for this week I give you a few choices to make you see how rational these people they are. So why did Buddhists export a British tourist?
a) for killing  Buddhist monk?
b) peeing on a Buddhist statue?
c) having a Buddha tattoo?
If you chose (c) you are right.

As you know they are highly logical people these Buddhists. Nope they are just as stupid as any other theists that take offense to the dumbest stuff. Muslims don't like pictures of Muhammad and these Buddhists don't like pictures of Buddha.

To put a little more perspective. This country is 112 richest country in the world according to the IMF, yet they deem it necessary to send tourists with money away as they feel a little hurt. This is a country with a nominal GDP per capita of 3,139 USD. But hey, lets get upset about a Buddha tattoo when we have no running water.

Logical right? No, Sri Lankan Buddhists you are idiots.