Friday, 11 April 2014

Idiot of the week - King Abdullah of Sauid Arabia

This story is from last week, but I refuse to let it go into the sunset without first saying what a colossal idiot King Abdullah is.
(Source) Waving and breathing at the same time? Tough task.

This idiot and his retarded government has gone and labeled disbelief in god (a.k.a atheism) in Saudi Arabia as terrorism. No, this is not an Aprils fool joke, this is actual real life stupidity at a level that only theism can be proud of. Just so you remember this is the same country where you can get deported for being beautiful, where if you are a women you cant drive, where you can't drink alcohol, where you can witness public execution etc.

So yes this is a backwards country that has an official religion. That official religion that is based on stories told by an angel that came and visited a pedophile goat herder in a cave. Surely, they have to be correct?

You Adullah are a Royal Idiot, thats the only royalty you are.