Friday, 18 April 2014

Idiot of the week - John Hagee

This weeks idiot has being making Armageddon predictions with a bunch of other idiot pastors following in his footsteps, or is he following in theirs. Never mind thats not important, but it you believe an eclipse is going to bring the second coming of Jesus then you are an idiot.

The fish was this big, why would I lie. (Source)

The so called four blood moon eclipses that are going to be occurring in the next two years all happen to fall on some Jewish Religious holiday. This apparently means some bad shit is going to go down, and then Jesus will come and be all swag and strut his stuff like Michael Jackson.

Honestly, why do these idiots keep making these predictions, I mean they never ever come true. If they have not learned by now, they will never learn. I suppose this is to be expected when you put all your trust in a book written by a civilization that thought it was okay to keep slaves, hell even keeping a lady of a defeated enemy as a prize of war was okay.

John Hagee you are an idiot.