Monday, 14 April 2014

Biblically literal or metaphorical?

Was the universe created in 6 days?
Was the Flood a real event?
Did Jesus rise from the Dead?
Did the Israelite's flee Egypt?
Was John high on LSD when he wrote Revelations?

John started the party early (Source)

These are all questions that have different answers depending on which theist you talk too, as demonstrated in the video below. Some theists will tell you that Young Earth Creationists are too literal and that a day as described in the Bible in fact is a metaphor. Some Christians will tell you that Jesus revoked the Old Testament laws, while some will tell you he revoked only some, and others will tell you he revoked none. In fact it would not be a far stretch to say that every Christian you speak too will decipher the Bible differently. Or to state it in a different way, every Christian will decide what is literal and what is metaphorical in the Bible.

My question is how do these Christians know? The only way they can know is by applying their own biases/moral which are not based in their religion. If they were in fact based in the religion then everyone would believe the same things about the Bible. However, even then a problem arises. If everyone believes the exact same thing, then how do they know what is literal and what is metaphorical? The only way to be accurate is to take everything literally and then you are in science denial (idiot) territory.

So which ever way you look at it, interpretations of the Bible fail. So much for an infallible book.