Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The troll among the ignorant

Every blogger, debater or commenter online will encounter the following three people at some point in their online activity. These people consist of the ignorant, the troll and the liar. The unfortunate and sad part is that often it is difficult to tell who you are dealing with when you encounter them online. The truth is there is only one of these characters that is worth engaging and that is the ignorant person.

Ignorance is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact I will happily state I am ignorant of many economic principles. However, to combat that I am trying to learn more about them. In the same way the ignorant person is going on line asking questions as they really do not know.

On the other hand the troll. Is just out to raise your blood pressure and get you punching a hole in your computer screen.

The liar is similar to a troll in that this person lies on purpose to defend their position. They raise your blood pressure as well the difference is they think you are an idiot while a troll knows you are not. This is the creationist that denies the fossil record.

But here is the problem the following question could come from any of these three people.
Why are there still monkeys if humans evolved from monkeys?

The only way I have been able to discern sometimes who is trolling, ignorant or lying is if I have met the person before on a forum or comment thread. This is why I will sometimes engage even the most randomly absurd question from a commenter.

What do you do to determine who is trolling, who is ignorant and who is a liar?