Wednesday 19 March 2014

Religion of Peace vs Religion of Love in Nigeria

There has been an ever increasing amount of violence in Nigeria as Muslims desiring Sharia Law are attacking Christians who clearly don't want to be subject to another religions tenants. Now in the wake of the most recent killings when about 200 people (the number may be greater) were murdered by these Islamic terrorists in Kaduna state (ironically named the Centre of Learning?) I think its time the Government did something big.
Kaduna State (Source)

Its not that I think this act is more disgusting that any other act that has been perpetrated, its now become a point where the Christian populace is saying its time to defend ourselves at whatever cost. I do not blame these people for wanting to defend themselves, but its this kind of thing that escalates in a situation that you have in Sudan. So the government of Goodluck Jonathan needs to stand up and make a difference in these people lives and stamp out stupid religious retards. Then again this government needs help on so many levels as is evident when we consider that recently there was a stampede for jobs that killed 16.

Its ironic that the religion of peace is slaughtering hundreds and the religion of love is now getting ready to take up arms. Maybe these religious people need to read their holy books. Actually maybe they don't then they will learn to do far worse things.