Monday, 24 March 2014

Politcally Incorrect?

There has always been political correctness by a lot of atheists I listen too (podcasts) and read (blog). Political correctness is not a bad thing, however there is a problem when it starts going to absurd levels that make no sense. So I thought I would address this, and hopefully the people that read this can understand that I am not trying to be an ass, but just reaching for the rational.

I was listening to a Non Prophets episode recently where they were discussing the word hideous and its negative connotation towards women. Basically, they were replying to a listener who was saying the use of the word hideous in a previous episode referring to Sylvia Brown was inappropriate as it reflected negatively on women. Now, I am sorry but whoever this listener was you need to grow up. If that is what you are taking away from the conversation, then you are focusing on the wrong things. The fact is Sylvia Brown was not a good person and when the word hideous was used I don't think anyone was trying to point out she was ugly, they were referring to the character. Additionally, if someone did think she was ugly so what? Its a personal opinion, I mean I think Angelina Jolie is ugly its my opinion and if someone chastises me for that well they can go $%%#@ themselves.

The thing to remember is the total message an not focus on one word that you disagree with. Missing the whole point of a debate by focusing on one point is only important if the definition is completely wrong. Every conversation is about context, unless you are overly politically correct and sensitive about a word that drags some emotional feeling out of you. This is especially important when we chastise theists for playing stupid word games and not actually getting to the point.

Basically, if I insult a few so be it. Not everything can always be perfect for everyone. We grow up in different cultures where words have different meaning. So if you are offended by some simple language you are not focusing on the bigger issue that is getting addressed.