Sunday 30 March 2014

Molecules to man is a fallacious argument

I have noticed that one of the new catch phrases in creationist circles is show me the evidence for evolution. They then continue you to say by evolution I mean molecules to man. Well this is extremely dishonest as a human never came from a molecule. Humans evolved from an ancestor who evolved from another ancestor who many many many generations before evolved from a basic cell.

In fact as any one with a basic knowledge of biology knows evolution in fact does not claim to know how life started ie. molecules to man. All evolution is defined as is: descent with modification.

Anyway this argument got me to thinking why are creationists using this line now. Honestly I think the answer is that transitional fossils between species are now so well known that they can no longer hide behind this fallacy. For this reason I thought I would include some of what I consider some beautiful transitional fossils between different species. Those fossils that prove beyond a doubt that evolution is a fact.

Archaeopteryx The transition between feathered dinosaurs and bird.
Tiktaalik The transition between fish and four legged animals.
Eupodophis The transition between lizard and snake.

Please realise these are only the obvious three that should erase the evolution doubt in any persons mind. There are hundreds of other fossils that bridge gaps that are not meant to exist according to creationists. This is why I believe abiogenesis is the last hiding place for honest creationists, as to deny evolution or to call it molecules to man is absurd. The problem is even abiogenesis as a hiding place is disappearing at a rapid rate.