Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Just answer the bloody question

I was listening to the almost recent Reasonable Doubts podcast debate between Christian apologist Randal Rauser and Chris Hallquist this last weekend. So why write about this debate you may wonder? Well, I think I may have found a Christian apologist that is the absolute worst. Before I have commented that William Lane Craig and his mental gymnastics irritates me, but at least he answers the bloody question.

Through this debate one thing stuck with me and I think it will stick with any rational person who cares to listen to it. In this debate Chris Hallquist issued the problem of evil, with a twist that requires an answer. Basically, Chris asked Randal the simple question "would an omnipotent all loving god let a little girl get raped and killed?"

One would think this would be a simple yes or no answer. In fact one would expect anyone that is not morally bankrupt to answer "no, a god would not let this happen." However Randal dodged the question and refused to answer it throughout. William Lane Craig would have answered this question I guess even if we might not like the answer, but at least he would have answered it.

I completely understand why Randal cant answer this question, as he would sound like a moral monster (or just a monster). The truth is if you want to believe this rubbish you should have to answer the question. These are the types of questions you have to deal with when you have an irrational belief. These are the types of things you have to wrestle with as you dwell in the certainty that your beliefs are ridiculous and you need to justify them in some crazy way.