Friday, 21 March 2014

Idiots of the Week - Kevin Sorbo and Steve Malzberg

I saw this gem on raw story, and decided that Kevin Sorbo and Steve Malzberg definitely deserve the award this week. Here is the interview segment from a show they did together. Watch it and then I will address the few issues I have with it.

Firstly, why does a compliment refer to insecurity? I mean maybe I am really dumb and don't understand compliments, but from what was said it seemed like a compliment. If anything, its Sorbo's insecurity that makes him believe it was an insecurity on Maher's part?

Secondly, why do you not see the funny in the Noah jokes? They are funny, and what makes them not funny to you is that fact that you realise the truth in these jokes. That truth is that God is a dick.

Thirdly,  comedy does not come from anger! Bill Maher is a comedian, and his comedy (in my opinion) is based in reality. Its not anger, its realistic even if it is dark. I think you need to study some more before you make ridiculous blanket statements about a subject. Or does Christian Comedy also come from anger?

Lastly, why are you such idiots? Oh sorry that's why you got the award.

Oh for good measure learn why Bill Maher has not been struck down by God yet. Yes this is the idiot Bryan Fischer.