Friday 28 March 2014

Idiot of the week - Father Simon Lokodo

The idiot of the week has to go to Father Simon Lokodo (Minister for Ethics and Integrity) of Uganda. This fool while speaking to Stephen Fry about the new anti-gay bill in Uganda said some of the dumbest things that have ever been said by a human in the space of 3 minutes. In fact this guy was so dumb I was doubting if he is really human, but then I remembered he is a theist and an ex-Catholic priest.

Highlights of the video of the short interview include.
His belief that homosexuals recruit people and children. In fact, he says he cannot be influenced by Fry's homosexuality as he is a straight male.
He also believes your back will get destroyed by homosexuality, I will be honest I have no idea what he is on about. Its like saying homosexuality makes you have 9 toes, if one of your toes gets shot of?
Then the winner, apparently heterosexual rape is better than consenting homosexuality. (It starts at about 2:30). I listened a few times and so if I am misinterpreting please point this out.

This guy is a straight up moral monster, not just a blathering idiot. If this is what the Minister of integrity and Ethics says, then no wonder Uganda has problems.

Ironically, this ex-catholic priest would not fit in well at the Vatican as he does not believe raping little boys is acceptable.