Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Don't picket Fred Phelp Senior

Here is my simple request for anyone that thinks they should picket Fred Phelp Seniors funeral in the future. DON'T DO IT.


The Bloggosphere and Atheist community among others has been abuzz since the news of Fred Phelps declining health has been reported. Some views are neutral, some are positive and some views are negative (link, link), so before I get onto why no one should picket Fred Phelps funeral let me just say I am happy he is dying. Too soon? I don't care, he was a horrible man and so I can't say I am going to miss him.

So why should no one picket this mans funeral? Here are two good reasons.
1) If reports are correct Fred Phelps has already been excommunicated from the Westboro Baptist Church. So the church that is behind funeral picketing is not going to be at Fred Phelps's funeral, as such picketing the funeral is pointless.

2) Why sink to the level of idiots? Seriously we are not children give the people that will attend the funeral time to mourn. It does not mean you cannot be happy (like me) that he is dying. It just means you are prepared to let people mourn at what is essentially a private function.

Lets hope this picketing does not happen. On a side-note, it is a possibility that the WBC will picket the funeral already if they think this man was fallen and why would you want to associate yourself with idiots?