Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Dishonesty wins no points

I am sure most readers have heard the adage "If you cheat, you are only cheating yourself". My wish is simple, that more creationists/conspiracy theorists/theists/anti-vaccers etc will realise this. It is really frustrating to try debate someone when they are blatantly dishonest, and are constantly shifting the goal posts because they do not want to admit a mistake on even the smallest point.

It is fully understandable that most people never want to be wrong. It is a natural human response. However, the only way to actually progress is to realise your faults and move on. When you counter a fact with a lie or a misrepresentation, you are fooling no one but yourself. The problem essentially is this dishonesty is not winning you any points.

In fact, no one wants to debate a poor loser. An analogy to this is you watch children choosing teams for a game, the poor loser gets picked last for the team. The poor loser is also the kid with no ones friend. This is not bullying, this is the reality of life. People do not want to be surrounded by idiots. When someone stops engaging you in debate (but have pointed out your dishonesty), it does not mean you have won always it may just means you are been dishonest and the person has given up wasting their time. You are that child no one wants to play with. You are the sore loser.

Don't be a poor loser, grow up and admit you are wrong.You can still believe in your god/UFOs/Dumb pseudoscience/Ark story, just realise it is irrational and dumb.