Sunday, 9 March 2014

Abiogenesis is absolutely a credible process

A fantastic new study has been published in JACS by Griffith and co-workers entitled "Photoinitiated Synthesis of Self-Assembled Vesicles". This is a nice piece of research as it gives further credence to the abiogenesis theory for the start of life on our planet.

In this study the authors showed that using an artificial sunlight source a lipid vesicle could be formed. In itself this should amaze us, as the authors have not used heat or special conditions. This argument for special conditions is a valid one, yet usually the proponents that make it are not prepared to say what the conditions were. I suppose its the only way to defeat the argument repeatedly, as you can always use the same excuse. Back on topic, the authors only used a water solution with a fatty acid included and sunlight. This means in effect that could repeat this experiment at home if you were careful.

What makes this study even more special is that the vesicle formed in this study is unique in that it is made of double tail fatty acid building blocks. The first step leads to two single tail fatty acids forming a fatty acid that has a double tail. This is important as a double tail fatty acid is the core component of modern day cells.

This double tail fatty acid then arranges (in a second step) into a vesicle in which the basic components of life can start to work. This means we are able to get unicellular life eventually by trial and error.....or dare I say it natural selection. This means we have gone from non-living to living!

As atheists we often encounter theists that call abiogenesis by another name namely evolution which it is not. As such theists like to hide behind this "lack of knowledge" to defy evolution (go figure). Fortunately, there is not a lack of knowledge, its just not that well known compared to evolution. Lets try make a difference and share knowledge to defeat irrational arguments.