Monday 17 February 2014

The science cant read

This is an honest question. Do theists (and atheists) ever read their sources?

Recently, I was reading a Christian arguing for the validity of the Bible. There were the normal fallacious arguments such as there is historical and scientific evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, and Moses parting the Red Sea. The thing that really caught my eye was the person claiming that the scientific community is not in consensus whether Noah's flood actually happened. So I decided as a sceptic that this was something I needed to read into more.

Anyway the title of the news article is "Marine Team Finds Surprising Evidence Supporting A Great Biblical Flood", so one would believe there is something real to the Noah story. Turns out its just a very poor headline, and the news article does absolutely nothing to prove that a Biblical flood took place. All the scientists are saying is that there was more than likely a catastrophic flood that took place when the Mediterranean Sea broke through into the where the Black Sea now is.


This idea has been around since at least 1997, and is called Black Sea Deluge Hypothesis. Hypothesis, not theory and not fact. However, there is speculation as to how catastrophic it really was. The flood was catastrophic, as it changed the landscape dramatically. However, this flood could have taken a lot longer than a few hours which is how people normally associate the word catastrophic.

So while the headline seems to back an amazing claim, the article does nothing of the sort. So again I ask do theists (and atheists) read the source.