Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Something you should watch if you like (or dislike) William Lane Craig.

I am sure most readers of this post are well aware of the series of debates in Australia last year between William Lane Craig and Lawrence Krauss. I am also sure that most are aware that depending on who you asked (i.e. Christian or Atheist) the answer of who won the debates varies by beliefs. Regardless though of what your opinion on debates is, there is one thing you need to see and it is what happened in the opening statement from Lawrence Krauss in the first debate. The other debates have great opening statements from Krauss but the first one is certainly worth the 15 minutes.

In this statement, Lawrence Krauss very respectfully gave William Lane Craig a science lesson and told him to stop being dishonest. It was something that was needed and while I do not think it will change William Lane Craig's mind, it does show that people are tired of dishonesty. It is a scientist explaining the scientific method, and not the scientific method explained by philosophers who  need to redefine it in a way to make their arguments work. I think its difficult sometimes for atheists to say these things, because despite popular belief been an asshole is not nice. More so when they person you calling a liar is not a bad person, or seems to not be a bad person.

Here is the opening statement in the first debate.: Life, the Universe and Nothing: Has science buried God?(Watch from 21:00 to 45:00) From 38:00 is the real good stuff.
Here is the second debate: Life, the Universe and Nothing: Why is there something rather than nothing? (7:00 to 24)

Here is the third debate: Life, the Universe and Nothing: Is it reasonable to believe there is a God? (21:00 to 44:00 )