Sunday 9 February 2014

Position on creationism debates

Recently there was this debate at the Creationism museum, so I thought I would give my thought on debating creationists. My position is simple really and one that differs from Richard Dawkins and a lot of other scientists and atheists. My position is, Do It.

At the end of the day and after the debate dust has settled. It is still the person who watched or listened to the debates duty to ask questions and find answers. A debate is not a platform where everything can be answered, its not a platform for truth, its a platform to show who has better debating skills.Consider that Muslims and Christians debate each other all the time publicly and yet none of them are right. This simple fact right there should tell you something about debating.

So the question, then will be why even bother? The answer to this question, is also the reason why I am for debating creationists. It helps people rationalise their belief systems. When you have to debate a creationist and you fail miserably, then you have not studied the evidence and you should study more. Education is the only way to defeat this ignorance that is creationism. Additionally, learning is fun and you should be able to back up all your beliefs logically. Blind faith in evolution or God is still blind faith and not rational.

However, I do feel that people debating creationists are often too polite. For example, when your opponent stands up on stage and spouts lies, they should be called exactly that a liar. At no point should they be allowed to continue in the debate until the viewers of the debate are absolutely aware that this person has lied to them. There, is nothing wrong with calling someone a liar as you can see in the image it is actually pretty easy. In this case this person HPWKA, was spouting Islam when he already called it a lie. Needless to say, I never got a response.


 If the creationist is just ignorant, that is fine but this is also when you can point out that they are ignorant and that is where the teaching and learning begins. 

Essentially, at the end of the debate everyone goes home. On the way home they speak to others or the search the Internet. This is where the real learning starts and the more educated people out in the real world the easier it is to get rid of pseudo science.