Monday, 20 January 2014

The atheist label

A while back I did a post on labels over at Canadian Atheist. Since then a lot of people have talked about the atheist label and what it means exactly, enough so that I think it is worth mentioning again. When I mean a lot I mean podcasts and blogposts and more.

So what is an atheist?

Its simple really, and its the common answer atheists give to theists all the time. An atheist is a person who rejects belief in a god/deity. In other words, it is nothing more and nothing less, it does not include any extras like liberalism/conservatism/feminism/etc.

Now on this blog I do talk about things besides atheism like evolution/chemistry/pseudo science/etc. However, the problem is that these are not related to atheism and readers should realise that. I mean these are the reasons why I became an atheist and things that I see as evidence as why people should dismiss deities or deity concepts. I think the blog title gives it away iamanatheistandthisiswhy.

In other words, do not assume someone supports feminists or liberal views if they are an atheist. If a person identifies as an atheist the only thing that you can be sure of is that the person rejects the belief in a deity. Some atheists believe in some really stupid stuff, but there is one thing they do not believe in and that is a god.