Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Philosophy (Theism), science and human advancement.

You may or may not know that I reject a lot of philosophical ideas/"proofs" about the god concept. The reason is simple, there is just no rational reason to accept them. As such I thought I would explain in detail why these ideas are not good for the advancement of mankind.

Basically, Philosophy (Theism) was developed a long time ago to explain things that at the time we didn't understand. I think the most important thing you can take from this sentence is the phrase "at the time." Think about the concept of the atom which was developed by the Greek philosophers to explain matter. This concept is no longer accepted as realistic as the scientific evidence has shown it to be false.

In a similar way the God concept was used to help people understand things that they could not comprehend all those years back. Things like earthquakes, tornadoes, droughts and the seasons which could not be understood as concepts as simple as the Earth revolves around the sun were not determined.

Now we have science, which has shown that earthquakes are caused by seismic activity due to tectonic plates that build up stress as the plates move on the fluid mantle. We have tornado early warning systems and countless lives have been saved. We now can transport people out of severely drought stricken areas or send food aid. We understand why the seasons exist as we know the Earth tilts and revolves around the sun. In short,  we understand and we no longer need gods or bad philosophical ideas.

Theism is retarding human advancement and that is why I am against it.