Wednesday, 1 January 2014

If you think this makes sense, please see a doctor

Been thinking about Neolithic people recently as I was reading a great book called A New History Of Korea by Ki-Baik Lee. Yes, I am a geek I cant help it. :) I was also thinking how this ties in with the answersingenesis people and their beliefs.

Anyway this is not a story about Korea, this is a story about the Neolithic people. Now it  should be noted that the Neolithic age lasted from about 10000BC to between 4000 BC to 2000 BC. This is the time in Human evolution when pottery, weaving and animal domestication was happening. This was the time of human evolution when we started to do cool stuff like make stone tools and stone tips for spears and axes. At this point we did not have advanced mathematics that was to wait for the Greeks and Arabs. Here are some picture of what tools were used during that time.
(source)Some more stone tools can be seen here.(link)

Oh this is also the time when Noah made the ark, in fact to be exact and according to answersingenesis, it was in approximately 2348 BC in other words right at the end of the Neolithic age. This is when this group of eight people built this huge ark using these rudimentary tools.

Okay scroll up look at the neolithic tools links, and then look at this picture below. Think that this was made using stone tools with no mathematics, by 8 people.


If you think it was possible for Noah to build this ark, you need help.