Friday 3 January 2014

Idiots of the week - Sister Hatune Dogan

These two reports are the basis for this weeks idiot of the week.(link, link) This award shows that you should be careful what you say and who you say it to. For this reason Sister Hatune Dogan is the idiot of the week. Please watch the two minute video, observe the editing and witness the lunacy.

Video has been removed, sorry.
The report sounds fantastic, but it is all hearsay from a person who apparently did these killings in Syria. Then we learn from the sister that these bottles of holy Christian blood are sold on the black market and reach prices of  100,000 $. Why you may ask is it so expensive, well this blood drained from a pure godly Christian is used in a ritual hand cleansing by Muslims so that they can go to heaven. This is apparently the only way to heaven for Mulsims, I didnt see this in the Koran and I have to wonder why.

 There is no doubt this is a bullshit story. These fake news outlets cannot even get their story correct, one says Syria, the other says Saudi Arabia. All these "news outlets" are doing is trying to prove their god is real by profiting of the delusions of a lunatic.

However, even if it everything in this story were true. Ask yourself this simple question, why would a Muslim believe Christian blood will send them to heaven? This is reason enough to doubt the validity of the story, and something I would expect from Alex Jones or David Icke.

For this, WND, Sister Hatune Dogan and the people that believe it deserve to be idiots of the week.