Friday, 31 January 2014

Idiot of the week - Susanne Atanus

Sigh.......I feel before you read this, you need to look at something pleasant like a puppy.

The idiot this week is Susanne Atanus, as really how can anyone believe that autism and dementia are punishment for supporting gay marriage equality and abortion rights? I thought this was common sense that their was no link between an illness in one persons body when a person a hundred miles away decides to have sex. This may seem a far stretch but this is what she is saying, nothing more and nothing less.

The really sad part, is that she seems to think she can be a good representative for the people of Illinois. This person with a completely irrational mind seems to think that they have the ability to represent others in a position where they can make decisions on health, welfare, education etc. This is just another idiot fundamentalist that seems to think god is the answer, when god is never going to turn up to the party.

I am pretty sure the people of Illinois will never vote for her, but this is a good reminder to keep vigilant as theism tries to push its way further into society.