Friday, 10 January 2014

Buddhists Gone Bad Or Have They

No idiot this week, or should I say there are always idiots just no one made me really rage this week except for Dennis Rodman, but then he apologised. So while I thought I would rage on him, I decided to give him a break. BTW he has lost the plot.

Anyway I found this story from Australia and decided to share it.

There are some people down-under that are dressing up as Buddhist monks and then begging for money. Now this is technically not illegal according to the police, but some people are saying its fraud as people think when they give to Buddhist monks its going for a good cause. Guess these people don't know about the drinking and sex fiend monks in Korea and Thailand.

So I was thinking about this, and honestly why should we care?

Everyday people are giving their money to Buddhists, or Catholics, or Muslims etc. My personal opinion is that people do this is to ease their conscience. In other words if you are giving it to a beggar or a priest what difference does it make. The real priests are getting rich on falsehoods so why cant the fake priests be getting rich on falsehoods. Either way you are parting with your money for an imaginary dream.

Best part of this story, the one monk actually whipped out a card machine, when someone claimed they did not have money. Awesome swindle.