Monday, 6 January 2014

Belief, its all a big conspiracy

Recently, I have been having a discussion about the existence of UFOs. To clarify I do not believe in UFOs, however this does not mean that life outside of our planet is not possible. What strikes me about UFO proponents is that they really and truly believe there is ample evidence for the existence of UFOs. This is exactly the same position that theists hold with respect to the existence of a god, they believe there is ample evidence to prove their god.

Yet, there is no evidence for UFOs, every shred of evidence can be explained using natural phenomena. Additionally, the sightings of UFOs are becoming less and less as the technology becomes more and more advanced to test the existence of UFOs. In the same way for theists god was hiding in prayer and creationism, but now evolution and prayer studies have shown that god does not exist there.


Following this line of reasoning, I have to wonder why religion is not considered a conspiracy theory as it has so many of the same characteristics. There are the preachers who tell their flock that there is so much evidence yet the evidence is found lacking. Also, as for conspiracy theorists science is the enemy and the real science is getting hidden away as its all a cover up.

When will people realise that atheists do not have a hidden agenda? All that has happened is that atheists have looked at the evidence and have concluded there is no god. Just as many theists look at the evidence for UFOs and conclude their are no UFOs, its not a conspiracy its logical reasoning.

What do you believe?