Monday, 13 January 2014

A matter of perspective

Its amazing how different theists and atheists see things. Recently a few of the bloggers I follow have been talking about debating theists and the waste of time it can be when the cycle starts to  repeat itself. I myself have been having these types of debates recently, and it occurred to me that religious debates are all a matter of perspective. The theist is coming from their god x is true position, and the other theist (or atheist) is coming from a position that is 180 degrees removed. These two positions are impossible to reconcile until one person in the debate is actually willing to concede that they are wrong (or could be wrong) and they need to look at the evidence.

An example of this recently was a theist creationist asking me "if humans evolved from monkeys, why are monkeys still around today?". This argument is ridiculous as anyone that has ever bothered to pick up a book on evolution will know that this is not what evolution says. Our perspectives are completely different, and as such we cannot have a constructive debate until one of us changes our views on some elementary aspects i.e. the theist actually picking up a book on evolution and reading it instead of spouting answersingenesis crap. Now people will say, this is biased, but its not for two reasons I have read Behe and science is on my side. I know the arguments that creationists are using, I understand them as I have studied them to see if they can be true. In other words I have applied rational thinking and found them wanting.

The theist and atheist perspective on gods are different yet only one is correct. The problem is that theists and atheist come from different perspectives and often (more so for theists) the opponent in a debate has not and will not consider the the other persons position. Until your opponent is prepared to sit down and read the evidence presented and admit their perspective could be wrong, there is no chance for a constructive debate.

To see an example of perspective just look at this video made by a theist regarding a call to the atheist experience. Your perspective and the theists perspective are probably very different. There are loops in the video, which are irritating but it makes the point even clearer.