Monday, 2 December 2013

Why was Gideon so darn special

I was reading a little about Gideon the other day. You know him that gave his name to those bibles that you find in nightstand’s at hotels and motels around the world. Remember, when you take them its not stealing they want you to take them, that’s why they are there in the first place.

So I was wondering why is Gideon so special to God to get all the proof he needed to prove Gods existence. My point is that if anyone got that kind of confirmation form a god they would believe, yet no one does except those in the bible. Does that mean God plays favourite?

Just in case you wonder what miracle I am referring to. Its the mass genocide  massacre (see update) perpetrated by Gideon against the Midanite soldiers. But before you think I am crazy calling a massacre genocide a miracle,I have a reason. This massacre genocide was conducted by 300 Israelites (Judges 7:7) who killed 120,000 Midanites (Judges 8:10). Okay, that means each Israelite killed 400 Midanites in a battle, its impossible and so must qualify as a miracle. Now I am not saying I want God to commit a genocide for me even though he is pretty good at things like that. I am just saying that if all these guys in the bible get seas parted, plagues, living inside fish, second life etc. why cant I?

This is just one more reason why I think the biblical god is just as dumb as any other deity you can throw at me. The stories are absurd, and if he is really this powerful he knows what miracle would convince me.

Update 3rd December 20123
As one of my readers has pointed out, the use of the word genocide is incorrect in this context as it was two armies fighting each other. Thanks Sheldon, I agree massacre would be a far better word.