Sunday, 29 December 2013

Why I will watch Noah

For those of you that don't know next year will feature the release of Noah. The story of Noah's Ark, and I am super excited for all the wrong yet right reasons.

Finally, the bible is going to be made to look ridiculous on the big screen just like all other mythological stories. There is no way anyone in their right mind can watch this movie and walk away thinking that all the animals could fit on an ark. There is no way that anyone can watch this movie and think that god is a loving and merciful god. Also the creationists will see that there were no dinosaurs on the ark, which is disappointing as this is what I expected after what I have heard from the discovery institute. If you watch this movie, and still think Noah's ark is a possibility then you are an idiot, and you should start believing in other great myths like Zeus or the Titans or Thor.

Lets have a big cheer for Hollywood and the cast and crew of the movie putting the bible where it belongs into mythology.

Lastly I intend to watch it, even if its just to see Emma Watson's performance.