Monday 30 December 2013

Neanderthals show god was a dick

I have written before about the Neanderthal/Homo Sapiens connection and why this is proof enough that the creationist god is an absolutely disgusting tyrant.

That's why the recent study published in Nature and reported on by the BBC and Plos is so interesting as it makes god even more of a dick than I originally thought. This study relates that the type 2 diabetes gene which is found in Mexicans is inherited from Neanderthals through their breeding with early Homo Sapiens in Europe. This gene is the gene which is to blame for type diabetes 2 in Latin Americans. Just a brief note, the report says Mexicans as the study was done in Mexico with Mexican genes. So what does this tell us about god?

Human? no Neanderthal. (Source)

Firstly, and as I have pointed out before. God is a tyrant he/she/it killed of ones of its special creations. I say special as humans think we are special for some reason as we get revealed things like the Bible or Koran or Dianetics or insert random other myth by our god. The fact that this gene was passed on from Neanderthals who share two different evolutionary paths is further evidence that Neanderthals were close to Homo Sapiens in development.

Second reason why god is horrible, he/she/it allowed this gene for a very serious illness to be transferred to a population he apparently loved. I mean if god hated the Neanderthals and killed them off, then why would god allow a disease to transfer from this species that god hated so much to a species go loves so much?

So many questions which show over and over again that god is a dick.