Monday, 9 December 2013

Muhammad was an imaginary paedophile

This post stems from a recent debate I had, which can be read here.

Turns out this debate I  conceded, and in effect admitted Muhammad was not a paedophile. But, there is a very valid reason why I did this and in effect "lost" the debate. My reasons for asserting Muhammad was paedophile are based on the Hadith and other historians of the time which said Muhammad married Aisha between the age of 7-10 years old. If you read the debate, there are more than enough historical accounts to show this is true. The few verses that disagree with this, do not give any ages and as such are pure speculation to Aishas age. This indicates a sexual interest and would make Muhammad a paedophile according to the psychiatric definition which says: a paedophile is an individual who fantasises about, is sexually aroused by, or experiences sexual urges toward prepubescent children (generally <13 years) for a period of at least 6 months."

The Hadith are books which detail the life of the prophet and build a base for the truth of the Koran and Islamic Law. So in effect the Hadith are an integral part of Islamic belief.

However my opponents objection was that the Hadith should get dismissed as they were written a long time after Muhammad died and could contain inaccuracies. I said this is fine, but then it also means that the Koran, Allah and Muhammad are completely meaningless. It could even be argued then that Muhammad did not even exist as most of the history of Muhammad's existence comes from the Hadith. There are even some Islamic scholars that agree with this, reminds me of that other guy called Jesus in a way. I conceded the debate to my opponent if he agreed to say that Islam, Muhammad and Allah are all fairy tales. Turns out my opponent was/is and agnostic/atheist so the debate lacked the teeth it could have had.

So yes, I conceded the debate as I was debating an imaginary person and we cannot conclude an imaginary person was a paedophile. Its like saying Harry Potter is the greatest magician,when this person does not exist. So today is a great day as Muhammad was not a real life paedophile. However,if you do believe the Koran and Hadith are real, then you have to accept that Muhammad was a real life paedophile.

Oh and now pictures like this are no longer offensive.

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