Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Jesus is alive in Siberia

Do you know about Jesus.......of Siberia? Otherwise known as Vissarion. The link to the Vice movie about him and his followers is given below if you have 25 minutes. Yes, I am aware this is not the only real Jesus I have blogged about, but really its difficult to stick to the numbers. Maybe, I should dedicate a tab to the Jesus's I write about. (1, 2)

This guy looks like the Jesus that everyone in the west thinks Jesus would look like. Blond hair and blue eyes, tall handsome with a mystique about him.But hang on I digress I will get to that later. After Jesus most probably didn’t look this westernized like Vissarion,

but rather looked like this.

Anyway this guy has written the Last Testament. Pretty much like Joseph Smith and every other Jesus/Muhammad guy out there these guys really like writing books full of spiritual messages for you to follow. Not that I believe the original Jesus and Muhammad were not lunatics. The followers of Vissarion live in a Jesus camp/compound/village in the Taiga forest in Russia.I am not been mean by calling it all these names, as from the style of the buildings I am a little confused.

Is this a cult? I am not sure, but I do not think its healthy. It reminds me of Jonestown in a way been all isolated, so lets hope the magic cool aid does not make an appearance any time soon.

The whole movie is pretty trippy, but highlights of the movie include:

4:00 This cult teaches that its important to be a misogynist as women are weak and not meant to be leaders.If they go against this they they will get disease and suffering. That's why boys and girls get different education at the "Jesus city".

8:00 They take your passport when you visit, not creepy at all.
16:00 The Vissarion mystique

19:00 The truth that these guys believe in UFOs, why do all the new religions believe in UFOs?
20:00 The Vissarion interview. Watch the perfect politician, side step skills of the century. You can't pin this guy on anything. Again more mystique.

The Movie