Friday, 27 December 2013

Idiots of the Week - UAE court systems

The Idiots of the week are the United Arab Emirates court systems in Dubai, and I am still not sure I fully understand.

This week 8 people (3 in abstentia) have been prosecuted under the 2012 cybercrimes law in the UAE. This law according to the BBC "provides a legal basis to prosecute people who use information technology to criticise senior officials, argue for political reform or organise unlicensed demonstrations." So what did these 8 people do to deserve a 8 month to 1 year prison sentence as well as a 1361 to a 2722 $ fine? Did they criticise the great and venerable rich monarch Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai? Did they argue for political reform by asking that women can have more rights or that the ban on public sex be lifted? Did they organise an unlicensed demonstration or did they organise a licensed demonstration for that matter?

Turns out it was none of the above, they got convicted for making a mockumentary. This mockumentary was critical of nothing, not even Islam so not sure why they got sentenced to jail. According to one of the makers of the video it is"a spoof video about Dubai youth culture." It was this spoof that landed them in hot water as the courts deemed it to be defaming the UAE society's image abroad.

Guess what idiots, you defamed the UAE all by yourself by this ridiculous ruling. I guess this kind of thing happens when you have civil and sharia courts operating in one country. Oh and yes they respect free speech???? Sorry, this just makes no sense. Stupid idiots!

Here is what got these guys the jail time.