Friday, 13 December 2013

Idiots of the week - Indian Supreme Court

This week the idiots are......The Indian Supreme Court for the dumbest decision under pressure of the religious.

After pressure from the religious India's Supreme Court has overturned its 2009 decisions which decriminalised homosexual sex. So now it is illegal to do any of the following in India: no oral sex, no anal sex, no touching, no kissing. The only thing you can do is put your penis into a vagina. As all these other things listed homosexuals are capable of engaging in, and as such all of these things are illegal according to India's idiotic law. Just in case you do think of doing any of this please realise it could result in 10 years in jail.

Just in case you think the religious did not have an influence in this decision,
Here is a list of the idiots who opposed the law change that happened in 2009 (I highlighted the religious/superstitious) All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Suresh Kumar Koushal (astrologer), Krantikari Manuwadi Morcha (Hindu), Trust Gods Ministry, Apostolic Churches Alliance and Utkal Christian Foundation and S.K. Tizarawala, a representative of Baba Ramdev (Yogi) Wow!, hang on they are all religious groups (except the lone astrology idiot), because religion is stupid. Well done India thanks to stupid religion your High court earns the title Idiots of the week.

I think this quote sums up the logic of these religious idiots. Mohammad Qureshi, spokesperson for the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, said “We are very satisfied with it. Homosexuality is a sin in all Indian religions…we feel the Supreme Court judgement is a step in the right direction,”. Morons! The right direction is the way to discriminate against people according to religion. Sometimes, I think religion should just be relabelled as hate group but that would be unfair to the handful of religious that are not actually homophobic/sexist/elitists.