Friday, 6 December 2013

Idiot of the week - Bishop Seraphim

The award this week goes to Bishop Seraphim from Greece who has said that if Greece legalizes same sex partnerships they will suffer the wrath of God. As we know from all the stories about God, they are real! So I guess Greece best heed his warnings and......wait oh yeah nothing ever happens.

What he fails to mention is that Greece is in violation of their commitments to the European Union to allow same-sex marriages. In fact they are in violation of the European human rights convention. But then again we cant expect people who wear robes and walk around with gold walking sticks to really understand the world,as they live in a fantasy land. Maybe, he wants Greece to be kicked out of the EU, or maybe he just wants to be a homophobe.

This is why religion does not belong in civilised society, as idiots like this think they can (and they do) influence politics. They dont want human rights,they want subjection to their god as long as it is putting money in their pockets. They want to be able to practice their discriminations and biases whenever they feel like it.

Bishop Seraphim you are a royal gold coated idiot.