Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Golden Ratio in the Koran

Often when you are busy in debates or writing blog posts, there are certain topics that will reoccur. I think this is the subconsciousness way of making you think about a specific topic that is either really bothering you or something you need to find rational answers too. This week I have already posted about Apophenia, and this post deals with this pattern finding and Islam this time.

Anyway, I was debating a theist who was telling me about the mathematical miracles in the Koran. I said this is absurd as the examples he gave can be found in any text such as Midsummer's Night Dream. Granted the examples in Midsummer's Night Dream are just patterns occurring in each act, but if we applied a number to each pattern, we could eventually get some numerical data out which may seem rational but is in fact utter rubbish. At this point my opponent interjected and said I need to read more about this subject than I already have. He even provided me a link to a Youtube video to watch, which would explain this concept better than he could. So, he believe something that he cannot explain to me? But I digress.

So I watched the video.

This is what I found out. Apparently, the Golden Ratio can be found in the Koran, I say apparently as you have to go through some mental gymnastics to get there. This is what irritates me about theists, if the Golden Ratio was in the Koran surely it would have just said something like this.
"It was revealed to the Most Holy Prophet Muhammad that the Golden Ratio was 1.61803398875"
Instead, what you have to do to get the Golden Ratio is  add two random numbers that mean some word together, subtract the square root of the verses ending in x, multiply the cube of Allah's and then do a Fourier transformation. This is mental gymnastics, it is looking for patterns where there are none. This is a mental disorder, its called Apophenia.

On a side note, if I was religious I could use the reason that these patterns keep coming up in this weeks posts as proof of god. After all surely, it can not just be coincidence that my subconscious is teaching me something. ;)