Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Go F%&* yourself theists and your morals

This post was written a week ago, while in a bad mood over the so called morality question. Often I will right something and then not post it. However, even while inflammatory I think this is one post that I will publish.


I am so sick and tired of theists who say atheists are unable to live a moral life without a god.

These are the same people that say Muhammed was not wrong for raping a nine year old.The same people that protect Catholic priest paedophiles. The same people that say the Israelites were justified in their multiple genocides. The same people that say slavery in the bible was justified. The same people that believe a women needs 4 witnesses to testify that she was raped. The same people that discard their kin when they do wrong (Hitler anyone?).

You do this and call me amoral? So theists Go F%$* yourself.