Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Been an atheist does not mean automatic win

Some atheists need to grow up and stop acting like brats.

I recently witnessed this unfolding before me as an atheist unravelled into acting like a spoilt child and so I thought its time to share my views on the fact that been an atheist does not make you right about everything. That I even have to type this previous sentence is unnerving, as it should be obvious. However some people you just cannot help.

The atheist in question was debating the fact that theism is a transitional form in human cultural/cognitive evolution. The problem was that he was unable to present any evidence for this, and even admitted this was his theory. Naturally theist and atheist alike attacked this position as it had serious flaws in the argument. He then went on a rant about how uneducated everyone was, even insulting his debating opponent. He even told him me his rant and insult of my assessment of his debate that he should win as he presented statistics, which was true but not relevant to the topic. But here is the thing, he was not supplying any evidence just his observations ergo he is at fault for presenting something which has not been verified.

This is a problem!

You are not right, if you say something without evidence. Even if it has to do with religion, even if you are probably right. If you get challenged you need to provide evidence and if you cannot then you have to concede your point. Your idea should be based on rationality and science.

So theists, see even atheists are human.

Merry Christmas 2013.