Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Moderate Islam is a joke

I am in an argument with a few people nowadays regarding moderate Islam and what it actually means. It all stems from this video which was posted on Sam Harris's website.

This is amazing as it shows how screwed up moderate Islam actually is. Don’t believe me? Let us look at the following portions of the video.

3:33 The speaker asks how many of you in the audience are not radical Muslims?
90% of the people raise their hands.

3:55 How may of you believe men and women should sit separate?
Everyone raises their hand, and everyone clearly believe in discrimination.

4:35 How many of you believe the punishments (like stoning for adultery) in the Koran are good and correct?
Everyone raises their hand. These people are moderate Muslims remember, moderate means death by stoning for adultery. Sharia law is disgusting and a violation of human rights. This means moderate Islam is against basic human rights.

If this is moderate Islam,then it shows just how evil Islam really is. This is why countries like Saudi Arabia allow rape victims to get lashed, this is why the Taliban will never back down. This is just another reason why the world does not need belief in imaginary things.