Wednesday, 27 November 2013

List of podcasts I listen too

I have been meaning to make this list for some time, but never get around to it. So without further ado a list of podcasts I listen to and why.

Atheist Podcasts

1) The Thinking Atheist
This show is remarkable in that it is a one host show,that keeps you entertained when really it should be more boring (Yes, this is a compliment). I like it for the respectful and friendly nature of the host Seth Andrews. He approaches many topics with an atheist viewpoint and has a great way of getting his point across using his storytelling and other analogies.

2) The Atheist Experience
I believe this is on most peoples lists and rightfully so. Its different to other podcasts/shows in that it is an interaction between host and theists callers. The callers are not always theists but they do try their best.

3) The Bitchspot Report
Since coming across Cephus's Blog and podcast I have been a fan. The hosts are very logical and well reasoned, and I would recommend it as its sceptical nature gives any listener food for thought. Also it has a conservative twist which is a small voice in the atheist community, and you may be surprised to learn conservative is not what you thought. I know I was.

4) Reasonable Doubts
I like to think of this show as Atheism 101, the hosts delve into any religion and explain why it is ridiculous. It is refreshing as the show gets a lot of interesting guests which gives the show a special twist. They have different segments in the show such as counter apologetics, so even if you only listen to one segment there is something to gain from it.

5) Non-Prophets
I am hesitant to put this on the list as its just back from a long hiatus, but I like them. Important to note, this podcast is not for  everyone. I like it for the banter among the hosts, although I do not agree with all of their views. Especially those regarding feminism.

Sceptic Podcasts (a list of 1)

1) Inquiring Minds
This podcast is new but old. Whatever way you look at it, its a great sceptic/science podcast which has interesting guests every week. Its more an interview show than a pure podcast, but well worth the listen.

I used to listen to the Skeptics Guide to the Universe but have dismissed it as one of the hosts is not really such a great sceptic in my opinion.

Any other Podcasts you think should make the list? Let me know and I can add them to a future edition of the list......well if I like them.