Friday 22 November 2013

Idiots of the week - Abstinence Lecturers

Saw this story on Mother Jones about abstinence lecturers and just knew they all had to qualify as a group as idiots of the week. I mean an article with a title like " Vaginas Are Like "Little Hoover Vacuums," and Other Things Abstinence Lecturers Get Paid to Tell Teens" says a lot. Most of the idiots in this article are affiliated with churches or Christianity in some way, so I have a feeling they may have another motive for their abstinence programs. Maybe something along the lines of God says it is bad, so don't have sex.

Here let me now tell you why I think all these fools should get shut down. Firstly there is evidence that abstinence only education actually leads to a higher teen pregnancy rate than safe sex education. I mean this should be enough reason to get rid of these stupid education programs.

Then there is another important thing, and that is STD transmission. Sex happens among teenagers all the time,the problem is abstinence only teens have no condoms around. No condoms around means exchange of fluids which can lead to STD transfer. In effect these idiots are teaching teenagers to be irresponsible and not look after themselves. They are in some cases, like HIV infection, teaching children how to die. Is this responsible educational methods?

This is why abstinence lecturers from everywhere deserve to be idiots of the week.

Here is a joke, what do you call people who practise abstinence only?

And you get celebs into it as well,or should I say celebdiots.